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Midnight Riders

It has been nearly 200 years since the last Great War in the Nrntir vale. While the lands to the south and across the sea grow deeper and deeper into to darkness, the Vale stands as a beacon of bright light in the darkness. This bastion of hope is united under the protection of the four free cities; fall crest, winter haven, hammer fell, and harken.

During this time of peace, the Vale’s cities have grown in wealth, size, and population. Drawn to its promises of prosperity, immigration has brought many new technologies, cultures, goods, and races. Long harbored racism thanks to Great War has diminished over time and all races have found peace away from their respective lands.

That is not to say there is any lack of adventure in the vale. Renowned warriors of all kinds have quenched evil wherever it arises, and all evils have been kept in check by these great Heroes.

For now.

A darkness brews, like a cancerous disease, untreatable, unstoppable. A lone warriors stands in the path of the great beast, a remnant of an old age. Though the Vale’s many warriors are brave and fearless, only a special few have what is needed to join him.

This is their tale…

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